About Us

https://www.gusta-vines.com is a business to business(B2B ) company  in Africa  Registered in Nigeria ( RC – 1413500) specifically designed to meet the needs of Laboratory, Diagnostics, Surgical, Scientific, Analytical and Pharmacy service. We provide a comprehensive and multidimensional online marketing service for laboratory and medical community by researching on latest product, exploring markets, sourcing new product/client, showcasing these products and informing and educating prospective and existing customers.

Our Mission

To provide global leadership in online marketing of Medical Supplies that is accessible, affordable and personalized with great recourse to the African market and international community. This we intend to achieve through continuous research, capacity building and networking.

We value innovation, service and creativity.  We are committed to transparency and integrity in business service delivery.

STATEMENT OF COMMITMENT                     

Excellent and User-friendly e-commerce platform

A safe and secure platform for both sellers (exhibitor) and buyers (end product users)

Efficiency: achieve more with less

Professionalism: strictly follow the code of business (T/C) and ethics in all our dealings

Privacy: Whatever is entrusted to our platform is treated with utmost confidentiality


  • Continuous online presence for uploaded products
  • Global influence and resonance
  • New product line and services are made open to the public
  • A meeting place for existing manufacturers and new ones
  • Quality customer service (Helpline) 24/7
  • Free registration
  • Low commission


Doctors, Medical experts, Dentist, Dental surgeons, medical lab Assistants, Technicians, Nurses, Biologist, Microbiologist, Physiotherapist, Bio- Chemist, Chemist, NGO & Government Organizations and Agencies, Distributors, Traders, Manufactures, Medical Centers, Hospitals and Colleges, Hospital managers, Administrators, Procurement Officers etc. Universities and Academies, Trade Associations.

To sell on our platform,  Click Here to register as a Vendor. Terms and Conditions apply.

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